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Help Houston

Help Houston

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Small quantities will be released each day in order to keep up with demand. There is no wait list, please keep checking Facebook for when more are added to the site.

Due to high demand, please allow a two week turnaround time. Thank you so much for your  contribution to rebuilding our great city of Houston!

With all of your help and in just TWO days I was able to donate $3,600 to You Caring sponsored by JJ Watt. Due to overwhelming demand, my items being handmade and time consuming, and the fact that I must also eventually resume normal business activities, I will be releasing more of each design each day in VERY limited quantities.

Going forward.... for the entire month of September I will be donating 20% of profits from ALL sales on my website directly to several friends who are near and dear to my heart who have lost their homes, all of their belongings and even their vehicles as well. Their stories unfortunately are not unique ones as this catastrophe has been so widespread, but I would like to help some of my loved ones directly and hopefully make a difference for them even in a small way.

It will take years for our great city to fully recover from the damage that has been done but we can start now doing what we can!

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